Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Conquering of Boston Cream!

9:03PM!!!! After days of testing (painful testing i assure you) we have found boston creams perfect time!! 9:03pm is when the cream is at its creamyest and the chocolate is at its chocolate..yness. Its just perfect at this time their is no better time to enjoy a nice slice of Boston Cream Pie. Tomorrow we will finally start on Strawberry Pie once again, and with the larger staff we will knock it out of the park!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Larger staff/Boston Cream update

So after a few days of taking it easy we are back to the testing.  We have increased our testing team from 6 to 13 over the past few days.  I am hoping with the increased team we wont have a delay like we did last week.  With the new team we were able to continue with our Boston Cream testing. it was narrowed to the hours of 8pm-9:45.  With this small time frame and the increased team size i have no doubt we will be done with Boston Cream in no time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sorry for the delay in my progress report.  The reason is that i have no progress to repost on.  My team has demanded a few days before continuing.  Their fear is eating too much sugar and gettin the betes.  If i continue on alone i will defiantly fall victim to the dreaded diabetes.  So that being said i wont have much to report on untill the weekend but i did learn that i need to recruit more testers so that this wont happen again.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Key Lime Consensus and Boston Cream has begun

KEY LIME IS BEST AT 4:26PM!!!! After the three day trial of this delicious pastry my team and I have finally agreed that the magic moment of the day for this Pie is 4:26! Dont believe us? Try it for yourself!
Now sadly as i said before Strawberry had to be put on hold. Due to the sporadic findings i am holding that test off until i can get fresh assistants.
That being said We have opened up testing on Boston Cream! One of my Personal Favorites, so i will not be included on this test because to me its good anytime! After the initial test my team has found it to be great between 12pm-1:30 and 8pm-midnight. We will be continuing on this one tomorrow and im hoping to Have strawberry back in full swing by the weekend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Closing the gap on Key lime, Strawberry still in the air

So again we tested the Key Lime, and we have successfully narrowed the best time for its consumption to a hour and a half block.  The Magic time for this delicious Pie is between 4pm-5:30pm.  By eliminating the other time frames we can now focus on getting it down to within the desired 5 minutes.
Strawberry is not going as smoothly.  After the first stages of this pie we are left with a large time frame.  2am-5am  9am-12pm  1:30pm-2pm  and 8pm-midnight.  This pie looks like it will be a huge challenge to narrow the playing field.  We are going to be taking a break from this one for a day so that we do not overload our pallet on strawberry. We will have to come back to this one later in the week.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Key Lime Round 1

so after hours of testing (eating pie) my team and I have narrowed the best time frame for Key Lime to : 4pm-6pm, 10pm-11pm and 1am-3am.  These time frames will be tested more intensely tonight by testing the pie every 20 minutes. Doing this will allow us to eventually narrow the time to withing 5 minutes of the Pies Greatest Time to be consumed. In the mean time we will be testing strawberry pie aswell. Those results will be at stage 2 tomorrow and Key Lime will be at stage 3.

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Post

     Hello, Welcome to Pie Time. This is an ongoing Experiment to figure out what pies are good at what times of day.  I will be posting my findings here as the experiment continues.  This idea came to be one night when i was craving a Banana Cream Pie.  We had none but it was suggested i have some cherry.  this did not sit well with me, it just did not seem like the right time for a Cherry Pie.
     So now i am on a mission to figure out why that was and when will a Pie be at its best.  Stay tuned for the findings, our first pie to be tested is Key Lime.