Monday, May 9, 2011

Key Lime Consensus and Boston Cream has begun

KEY LIME IS BEST AT 4:26PM!!!! After the three day trial of this delicious pastry my team and I have finally agreed that the magic moment of the day for this Pie is 4:26! Dont believe us? Try it for yourself!
Now sadly as i said before Strawberry had to be put on hold. Due to the sporadic findings i am holding that test off until i can get fresh assistants.
That being said We have opened up testing on Boston Cream! One of my Personal Favorites, so i will not be included on this test because to me its good anytime! After the initial test my team has found it to be great between 12pm-1:30 and 8pm-midnight. We will be continuing on this one tomorrow and im hoping to Have strawberry back in full swing by the weekend!


  1. Key Lime pie is delicious! Nice blog!

  2. Haha I would like to think key lime is good anytime!

  3. Sounds like some serious stuff! Also hungry now :S